Adam Tavner

Location Sound Recordist and Drone Pilot

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I am a fully insured, Civil Aviation Authority approved drone operator with a current Operational Authorisation (previously PfCO).  My background is working within the television industry, but I am now offering other commercial services. Drones provide a flexible solution that can enhance your business, save time, save money and increase safety.

Property & Real Estate

Some properties can only be seen and appreciated from an aerial perspective that’s why drones for estate agents have become so popular  A home with landscaped gardens surrounded by countryside can sell itself if aerial photographs and videos are available to potential buyers.  Privacy of neighbours is always of utmost importance.

Roof Inspections

No more scaffolding, climbing or ladders, within minutes we can provide HD images or 4K video, pinpoint problem areas.  Roof inspections can be a crucial tool to save money in the long term by spotting potential problems early.

Building Surveys

For hard to access or wide area assets drones can be safer and faster.  They can provide a more cost-effective method of surveying a site compared to a more conventional manned inspection method.  Precise flight paths are repeatable, so it is possible to document changes over time.

Building Progress Reports

Through drone videography it is possible to document the development of a site for clients.  Regular visits to a site can provide many useful insights on progress, how savings can be made and identify possible problems.  They can also be an engaging and memorable way of documenting a successful job well done.

Corporate Video

As well as drone work we can also provide ground based filming.  I have worked in television for over twenty years for the BBC and most other major broadcasters.  Working with industry professionals we can provide engaging videos to reinforce your brand, captivate and move your clients and achieve your business goals.